My hero!
Go and show me what I gotta do
Made up my mind, wanna be like you
We don’t care what other people say
I know I’ll resurface you
You know I will!

Stop anything, nothing will go wrong
Oh, I’ll keep trying, keep moving forward
I will believe what I’ve been working on
Can anybody tell me the way to make it?
I guess now, I’m the only one
I never offered me a wrong future
No matter what happens, I won’t tilt
I won’t stop
I'll lead you thoroughly step by step!

I feel something happy from my heart
Something beating for sure
Either it's somehow bad I will see
What I've gotta be in the future
Strong will, amazing, ran away
You know a strong willed ace, you're great, alright?
Everything I see, everything I feel
All the things that I have for it to at least break!

Switch out an enemy, doesn't go well
I will believe in what I've been working on
Do what you like, just give me one thing
I see the future, don't miss out now
Hero is in my heart, hero is in your heart
I don't care what other people say
I can be a hero, you can be a hero
If you wanna make it, just try hard
I know I'll resurface you!

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