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(Chorus 2x)
We love the reggae and jazz and rock and roll could be cool alternative too we love the rhythm and blues but I'm a hip hop baby from the heart I'll never flip flop baby

(First Verse: Layzie Bone)
If it wasn't for my music tell me were would I be were would I be probably standin' on the hot block sellin' crack rock runnin' them streets runnin' them streets. I say my music is my best friend my confidant I love the way we live as one together we the perfect bond. Me and my radio doin' 90 on the freeway knowin' the way to go, and I like to feel the rhythm the beat be bumpin' don't it and I love to give it to y'all because I know you want it. And if you feel like I feel you love the rhythm and blues reggae and jazz some rock and roll could be cool but I'm a hip hop baby from the heart and never flip flop baby gimme a drank and a song and I'll be stress free kickin' it all night long.

(Second Verse: Krayzie Bone)
It ain't nothin like hip hop music carefull how you use it and please don't abuse it when you do it. Music can keep the party people dancin' and put your mind in a trance and keep you happy, give it a chance come on just flow with the music get blowed off the music. When I was 13 like Dr. King I had a dream to be one of the greatest musicians alive truely remembered when I die I love I love music it's got me stayin alive, and if you take my mic right now one thing you'll never do is take my love away cuz I'm a hip hop baby from the heart and never flip flop baby.

(Chrous 2x)
(Third Verse: Bizzy Bone)
Tossin' and turnin' I'm burnin' with different melodies words my niggas tellin' me sellin' it to the world been rappin' since the day I heard Rakim and Danadane, Duggy Fresh, Slick Rick always been a same to me late night foster home workin on profection my selection of the songs that I heard was my direction thats when Tawny was my girlfriend rollin a rap said I'm the badest mammajama half white and black had my babies to Jodeci six with Sarina little Bree Bone Bryan Miss Moe and Shanika little Tray Tray Destiny and plus Aaliyah and the newest one is Shelby I can't wait till' I see her they are the music in my physical form since they was born I been singin with tears in my eyes as I perform for the whole world until I die like Confucious tell the world my name is Bryan I'm in love with my music. Yeah, uh cuz I'm a hip hop baby Cuz, Im' a hip hop baby Cuz, Im' a hip hop baby.

(Bridge: Layzie Bone)
Now everbody got that jam that make you get up wanna boogy to the beat now. And if it wasn't for the drums and the strings and the lyrics that we sing what would life realy mean now? Would it be just as fun, would you kick it the same could you live with out it could you still maintain? My thang is crank up the volume because it helps me excape from my problems till I solve em' and Im' a solve em' its all music Bone Thug music
(Chorus untill Fade)

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