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Yeah, I'm just tryin' to prepare myself, ya know what I'm sayin',for the
wars to come.
Straight warrior, what ya gon' do when we come for you? Ya knowwhat
I'm sayin', y'all feel me?
Times, hardtimes, Lord, my hardtimes, ya know it got me feelin'(?) and
stop smokin' and drinkin' too much, and yeah, it slowly erasemy
Can He see that we are in need to be free, free?
And, yes, we would be blessed, if we could rest in Heaven. Andwouldn't
you be blessed, if you could rest in Heaven?
Now I can vouch with God as my witness that this wickedness willnot
remain. You gotta make up your mind. You wanna be saved? Makeup
your mind, or you wanna die? You wanna die? Oh, yes, we'rethugs but
more than thugs--got soldiers, wasteland warriors on a missionfor God,
so pardon ya, pardon ya, pardon ya.
So much hurt and pain, bloody murders me. So much hurt andpain,
bloody murders me.
It makes me erase my sunshine.
If I pray for you, [for you] pray for me. I said if I pray foryou, [for you]
pray for me.
It makes me erase my sunshine.

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