Believers, achievers, day dreamers
Lookin' for something
Defiers, outliers, failure deniers
’Till we break through
Moved to town to make the scene
Got no talent just a dream
Thick skin found kin

Born again in a world we choose
Love you, stay true
With you, make our own rules
Ups and downs seemed so real
Stick together, that's the deal
Gotta make something, make it true
All together with all of you

Living in a dump, doing crimes in stereo
Cuttin' our teeth, playing songs on the radio
Living on po’ boys and Colt 45
Playing those records to keep us alive
A dream so big you can't even see it
You gotta stay on the ground, just be it

Skating all night
Tripped on the lights
There's a riot goin' on
In our song
It won't be long
We're coming in from the outside
Keep it going on, oh

Love you, stay true with you
Make our own rules
Believers, achievers, day dreamers
Looking for something

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Written by: Bryan Kienlen / George Rebelo / Greg Attonito / Pete Steinkopf. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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