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Holiday Cocktail Lounge

Bouncing Souls

Happy Hour's next door but you'll have to brave the downpoor
i'm staying here where i can get a song free with my drink to
smooth thing's along. The bartender he looks kind of sauced
but he always knows what's going
down it's how you carry yourself at the holiday cocktail lounge
i didn't talk or say much but i got to know alot the greatest
delicacies of spain the effects of rain on your brain.
i got another free drink with my free song the usual things
they come and move along here at the holiday cocktail lounge.
I heard some places can change how you feel
it's not something you can see but i
think that it's real words that were spoken
of passing thoughts in the mind
somebody just rolled through and they left them behind
maybe they sat in this
very stool and didn't make a sound
they just came and went here at the holiday cocktail lounge.

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