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You're a good kid Play the game to break your heart
You've gotta get back to where you started
Pay attention now or it'll slip by It's your heart
don't let it die Leave it all behind
whoooaaaa (cathy line)
Is it true when we get old our hearts die?
I heard it in a movie once and i think i know why
life it sucks so bad it makes you wanna die
Whoooaaa but you get by
Life goes by
You're a good kid you've still got the power in you
Hangin' around you don't know what to do
Don't think too much Just let it loose
Get up now's your chance we are here
and we make you dance you are not
alone this is our home Life goes by

feeding frenzy in the street drinking beer
and eating meat when were hungry watch
your back as we plan our next attack..

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