cross angry miserable level (dats right)
its warlord the five star general, d ghetto gladiator (ah yo yallow)
u kno i got d chrome, aimin at motherfuckin niggas dome (ah yo yallow)
fools leave d town, its warlords home,
hollow point and teflon bruck ya bone (ah yo yallow)
dont mek a sound

Well, wha mek dem call mi name is like dem want fi get mi mad
Mi know dem no figot d type a gun dem weh mi have
And when mi murder dem everybody a seh mi bad
You know mi a di killer, low mi, mek mi do mi job
Dem want some a mi class dat a simting dem no have
Lyrics dem a box like a lennox dem a jab
Everybody know mi life mi naah no puss inna bag
Yu see mi u see gangsta u see dem u see fag

Verse 1:
Tell dem seh level nobody neva hear
Dem a gwan like seh dem ready dem never did prepare
Dem no want di war fi done dem no want d smoke fi clear
Dem kno seh when dat happen dem naah go have no career
Mi no easy, mi a squeeze it nobody mi naah go spare
Say mi this say mi dat say whateva mi no care
Mi low dem unu hype dem, me unu a jeer
Get mi cross so mi done dem while unu a stare
Coulda middle coulda start or d ending of the year
Tek one a mi single done dem inna pair
Think dem stand a chance with dem life dem no near
Infra red lef dem skull crack and dem skin tear
No inna my category weh dem a compare
Call mi name with di mouth full a gyal front hair
Ninety bar fi himself di waiter naah share
One a dem a baby di other one a queer


Verse 2:
See war and come in when dem fi stay far
Dem a dream and a scheme we design war
General with medal mi got the five star
Siddown a stack gun when bwoy a gun bar
Yu see dem u see fool u see me u see star
Gyal beg mi cocky while rapist force har
See petty tiefs mi guns mi go fa
Dem a cartoon like Mandrake and Luthar
Certain vibes weh mi hear bout dem no shocking
Dem and Rupaul inna di same cabin
From u pass dem deh line nothign worse cyant happin
If dem a twin tower den mi a Bin Ladin
Tell di one name Robin prepare him coffin
Di next time him mek badmwan program him
Put out wackl album with a heap a rapping
Mi watch BET and mi cyant spot him


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