Now this a gal dem anthem
Ta ta da da ta da di di di di di
She's a maniac, maniac, maniac on the floor
Cause she's dancing like she's never dance before
She's a maniac, maniac, maniac on the fioor
Cause she's dancing like she's never dance before
Just the champion girl on a Saturday night
Looking for the time of her life
Nothing in this world don't phase her at all .
They all say she is crazy
Dancing all night long to her favourite song
Boasting in the latest style
People talking this and they talking that
They all say she is wicked and wild
The gal dem gat mi head a puzzle just de way how dem a bubble
The way dem gal yah a wine is like dem out fi cause trouble
And to how mi feel mi woulda tek all a double
Ohooo right a now mi a go bus a bubble
Jus teck in winey winey Hazel,
She just a wine like are waistline a cable
One hand pon head and de other one nable
Whoa fi dem yah gal mi noh able - Richard
To how she wine she surpise mi
She never stop wine until she hypnotise mi
But a di same wine she pour it revive mi
And mek mi feel so excited and lively
Look pan her skin Richard, it smooth like ivory
Mi wonder if she generous like a Miss IVY
Girl like a dis a whey mi want beside mi
Haile Selassie I dis ya queen him provide mi
Di gal dem hear bout di Scare Dem stable
She waan voice pon di big bamboo label
She Put one foot up pon di glass table
Dat's when cold bump full mi body like raisin

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Written by: Dennis Matkosky / Michael Sembello / Richie Stephens / Rodney Pryce / Sly Dunbar · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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