Jack Ass unno nuh tired fi pressure poor people
Well Babatunde have a message fi you you si
1) Never let your problems get you down,
gotta stay focused and hold your ground,
though it seems hopeless,
there is no progress,
wi still a hustle round town.
We do what we do so we stay alive,
we sell what we sell so we haffi survive,
wi tired a the f*ckry and wi fed up from 'bout 95
So, tell them seh anytime
mi hungry again them a guh si mi nine
police outta road seh them a fight crime,
and holiday a come and mi nuh si the first dime,
Tell them seh anytime the government policies a undermine,
poor people plight that a sure sign,
corruption and war a guh reach it's prime.
2) Imagine, after mi try my best fi survive the street
sometimes mi wonder how some people do it,
nuff time it burn mi, mamma clean dirty floor so the kids can eat,
five christmas now mi don't drink nuh sorrel
Landlord and mamma deh a courthouse a quarrell
Chin a send a cris chrome nine inna a barrel,
what you expect me to do.
3) Them ramp with wi future wi tek it wid a smile,
a we feel the pinch now when everything spoil,
poverty and hunger a nuh easy lifestyle,
wi tired and wi tired and wi tired

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