Hayyy! Somebaddi say suppen bout tyad
Yuh reddy fi hear how di gal dem a say some bredda a lyad
Lawd a mercy
Well this a di gal dem daily prayers
Bwoy come a road an a foam an a wrath
Bwoy a spread rumor say how Shelley salt
Shelley say a lie an she a cus pure cloth
A cum him cum quick an tun roun a find fault
Him a wutless bwoy, ole liad
Cum quick a tell gal sey him tyad
Wutless bwoy, ole liad
Cum quick a tell lie say him tyad
Shelley come check mi fi buss out di bet
She say from she born a the wuss slam she get
She just settle dung an all a ketch up har breath
But this bredda come fast like a new jumbo jet
3. Mi hear a little drama bout him an one chick
Di two a dem a flex fram wha day tick tick
She an him a slam an him cum too quick
So him hol offa har an start to form sick
Him a show off sey him have ends fi brush
Guh check BabyCham dem fi get Chini Brush
Him tackle Shelley, him cum fus
An promise har fi kick dung if she guh road guh bus

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