A Whoooo ?
A who coulda so lucky fi get it twice
From Ungrateful Chucky, Mr Wucky and Ducky
One pop an a gal get a Kentucky, lawd a mercy
She not so lucky (imagine that) lawd a mercy
Whey dem say, whey dem say
Di gal dem a live dangerous
Well, Chuh
Mi tell di gal dem mi nuh play stuckie
Gal mi slam yuh 2 time yuh more than lucky
One pop mi gawn an gi a gal a Kentucky
Every whey mi guh the gal dem call mi f*ckery
Gal a gimmi name Ungrateful Chucky
The Ouch gal dem call mi wuhkie and duckie
One pop mi gawn an gi a gal a Kentucky
I dont care dem haffi call mi fuckery
Gal whey yuh have a fi mi
When yuh see mi yuh fi gimmi
An tomorrow please act as if yuh never see mi
Mi dun stretch yuh out like some lastic bingy
An bench yuh out like some enamel chimmey
Tek a slap an gwaan
How mi fi mek dem see mi wid ol' laugh star Dawn
Gal have man like Central and Remand
Hol' heap a juvenile, a mussi Tamberine Farm
Dawn a tek man from di fus day she born
Hol' heap a seed all bout in har farm
When dawn want man she mek noise like alarm
She slam fi Craven A, she gi it away fi Matterhorn
Everyday she want aedder star fi perform
Mi dont call nuh fowl when mi dash out mi corn
Im speaking the truth, mi nuh mean yuh nuh harm
Nuh try dis di corn tek the slam an jus gwaan
Gal dem say, yuh know yuh tan bad
Like a village rooster yuh shake yuh seedbag
Gal a wine wicked mi ready fi gwaan bad
Slice den cho-cho, bus up virgin bag
Mix Dem dung, like mi dey a mixing lab
I dont care I gonna bus up dem salad
Sexually speaking dem should know mi mad
Mi kill di gal dem wid promise
Whey never fulfill from dem come inna mi palace
An if a gal whey love smoke, mi han har di chalice
Wuck har an duck har an present har malice
Well, a dat mi deliver to Alice
She walk an tell har fren dem how much mi crabit
Mi have di gal dem swinging jus roun like a rabbit
Hol' on pon mi sitten jus like dope addict
Central, Remand and Tamberine Farm are Jails
Craven A is a Jamaican brand of cigarette

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