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The Tyranny Of What Everyone Knows


The pooling of blood From your neck to the floor Makes a beautiful trophy To parade and even the score Their words in stone of persuasion in sound Fall on open ears And sewn shut mouth taught the answers Ignored the questions As we vomit choke and die Truth is truth is lie As history portrays this time Truth is truth is blind Their money pays for the transcripts we sign Derailed from birth designed to serve Everyone knows the solution to the problems We bought Credentials unneeded decide for you The books are written our choice is proof.
We are taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, history is written from the biased perspective of the power elite. From our birth we are told lies and myths and expected not to only believe them, but to worship them at America's false altar of progress. We must learn to question history and measure each "fact" on its own merits.
(Please read Howard Zinns "A People's History of the United States" and/or Noam Chomsky's "What Uncle Sam Really Wants")

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