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Molly And Tenbrooks

Brothers Osborne

Run ol' Molly run, run ol' Molly run
Tenbrooks gonna beat you to the bright and shinin' sun
To the bright and shinin' sun, oh Lord
To the bright and shinin' sun.

Tenbrooks was big bad horse, he had a shaggy mane
He run all 'round to Memphis, he'd beat the Memphis train
Beat the Memphis train, oh Lord
Beat the Memphis train.

--- Instrumental ---

Tenbrooks said to Molly, what makes your head so red
Runnin' in the hot sun with a fever in my head
Fever in my head, oh Lord
Fever in my head.

Molly said to Tenbrooks, you're lookin' mighty squirrel
Tenbrooks said to Molly, I'm leavin' this old world
Leavin' this old world, oh Lord
Leavin' this old world.

--- Instrumental ---

Out in California where Molly done as she pleased
She come back to old Kentucky, got beat with all ease
Beat with all ease, oh Lord
Beat with all ease.

The women's all a laughin', the children all a cryin'
Men all a hollerin', ol' Tenbrooks a flyin'
Ol' Tennrooks a flyin', oh Lord
Ol' Tenbrooks a flyin'.

--- Instrumental ---

Kiper, Kiper, you're not ridin' right
Molly's a beatin' old Tenbrooks clear out of sight
Clear out of sigh, oh Lord
Clear out of sight.

Kiper, Kiper, Kiper my son
Give ol' Tenbrooks the bridle and let ol' Tenbrooks run
Let ol' Tenbrooks run, oh Lord
Let ol' Tenbrooks run.

--- Instrumental ---

Go and catch old Tenbrooks and hitch him in the shade
We're gonna bury old Molly in a coffin ready made
In a coffin ready made, oh Lord
In a coffin ready made...

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