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Busta Rhymes

Make ya feel good , make ya feel all right
One time
Feel good yea ya'll
Busta Rhymes in the place ya'll
Make you feel real good ya'll
Flipmode is the squad in the place ya'll

Buck wild for all of my people who don't care
Lost like a bunch of black millionaires
Makin ya run, me and my gun
Stackin my ones
Lost a little, invest up in a mutual fund
Blowin the horn since of everyday I was born
Everyday I see a nigga landscapimg my lawn
Dangerous, my niggas shit be accurate
Have to get, the flow be so emasculate
A yo a yo I do my deal sippin my moe
Slippin in slow, them pretty women sayin hello
Any wiggle hittin this play olavola
Little honey dipped in within a little carryvola
I don't mean to hold you up
But I got somethin to say
Swear to only give you hot shit everyday
Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us
That's when we gettin dangerous
Come on

This is serious
We can make you delirious
You should have a healthy fear of us
Cause to much of us is dangerous
So dangerous we dangerous
My Flipmode squad is dangerous
So dangerous we dangerous
My whole entire unit is dangerous

Hold your breath
We swing it from right to left
Word to Wyclef
You know my shit t be hot to death
Stayin alive, you know only the stronger survive
Holdin my heat
I love my seat , wippin the five
Baseline for all of my people movin around
Give me a pound
All of my squad holdin it down
Lettin you up
The new shit wrekin you up
Blowin you up
My black hole suckin you up
Back in the days brother use to be left out
Now a brother holdin several money market accounts
Blaze the street and then I would just like to announce
Feelin my grove
My jiga jiga makin you bounce
Others is fare, me and my squad breakin the bridge
Straight gettin it, we got you suckers holdin your head
Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us that's when we gettin dangerous
Come on


One time ya'll
Throw your hands real high ya'll
Yea, get down ya'll
Let me see you all ya'll
Busta Rhymes, Flipmode ya'll
Nineteen ninety eight ya'll
Ha, get down ya'll, lets have a ball ya'll

Feelin the heat up in the street rockin the beat
Step up in the club, take me to my reserved seat
Comin around, all of my people surround me
So much bottles are leakin, ya'll brothers will drown me
Makin ya drunk, feelin the fun, blazin the skunk
Stay hitten with the shit that blow a hole in ya trunk
Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us that's when we gettin dangerous
Come on


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Compuesta por: Freddy Stonewall / H. Stone / Lawrence Dermer / R. Smith / Trevor Smith. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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