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"oh i cant believe im doin this oh I cant believe im doin thisahhhhhhh!"

Today's the day, we're out to play
And lost our way, its always the same oh baby now
Climb the trees, swam the seven seas
We've grazed our knees, and no one's to blame ohhhhh


Come and sit beside us we'll give you such a thrill
We're not nice we're cool as ice
We'll give you quite a chill
Let your imagination take over on this ride
Out of site, Alright, Hold on tight!

Come on
Come on
get it on
we're ridin in a Rollercoaster
Come on (dont wanna wait)
Come along
get it on
we're ridin in a rollercoaster Of Love....

So dont be shy
You'll soon be high
We'll touch the sky
You'll never believe oh baby now
Round and Round, but dont look down
We wont be found
You better believe it


Of love (3x)

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Written by: Martin Brannigan / Ray Hedges / Tracie Ackerman. Isn't this right? Let us know.