Photo of the artist Campo de Mayo

Suárez Division Mason (Falcon version)

Campo de Mayo

Filling the nights with base blood, like haughty warriors,
in rightful justice they fought, the groups on Falcons;
times of glorious war were those of the Proceso
when directing the divisions was the stubborn Suárez Mason.

A sense of duty was prompted in Videla,
whilst one of bloodlust rose urging in Massera;
both led to the genocide of subversivos,
and to the beautiful deathflights of the desaparecidos.

The lies of this democracy i learn'd to see,
late to unveil mass media's left-wing falacies;
and now our universities i hardly deem
could ever fail to hail a picketeers' refounded ERP.

Well, though the world goes on despising these great men,
blinding the dull youngsters, and claiming for revenge,
they lost yet just one war, that of the Malvinas
(but call 'em Falklands as is due, not as us in Argentina).

So i leave my pen and go... i don't know whither,
may it be to kill the montonero Kirchner
ere th' nation be burnt by the red hate blocking streets...
but to kill him i think the best prepar'd technic'ly is still Astiz.

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