Suzy Boggus

Everyday seems I turn another page
And it feels like the heartache fades a little more away
Look in the mirror and I like what I see
Hey you didn't take that much baby out of me
Something proud and something strong
Fills the absence of a memory that's dead and gone

I do believe I'm crossing over
I feel that weight come off my shoulder
I close my eyes
And drift close to the other side

Lord I swear I'm crossing over
I found the strength to let you go and
The the thought of you is getting colder
And further from my mind
And I think I crossed that line
To the other side
Lately I find when I'm walking through town
I don't have to turn away
I don't have to look down
If I should see you with somebody new
Well I might get sentimental
But I'll lake it through
Something real and something right
Puts the shadow of doubt
In a different light


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