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Boys And Girls


Buddy came from outer space
Looking for a real good place
And he found it very soon
Just as good as the one on the moon
The place was in, the hearts was in
The boys were chasing girls
Since that day when Buddy came
Nothing's been the same

The boys read science fiction
And some music magazines
The girls read about love
And how to be a beauty queen
Neither care about the war
Or how to save the world
But gee it's so hard acting smart
When you heard him say the words

I'm talking about the bad boys (boys and girls)
I'm talking about the girls
I'm talking about the bad boys (boys and girls)
I'm talking about the love between the boys and girls

Wayne makes it hard for some
Buddy does it cool
And he's not very kind
As he puts up every rule
Lipstick, drumstick
Got to make it big
Running down the big big street
Always ready to get a flick

Acting right, acting tight
Acting like a man
Make it till the jungle
Out of no man's loverplan
Take a break by sitting down
Is not like a thing they would do
When all the other pals
Just watch him sing "I want you"

I'm talking about... (repeat)

You couldn't see Buddy for weeks
Getting into bed by ten
You believed the lyrics
Love between women and men
Redeyes, green ones, kitty cats
They do it all the same
Hey, I say there's no one
But our Buddy just to blame

I'm talking about... (repeat)

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