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Deaths Turbulent Fire

Cemetery Urn

As the fire storms the bloodied heavens
The grieving weep in the dying of light
The congregation of fear feel their tumultuous plight
As lustrious turbulent winds roar across the land

As blood in the seas, are poisoned by the spell
Of the deadliest call, to relish impurest of blood
As heralding masters of our faith
We shall rise above the highest of thrones
To observe and conquer
The whitest of lights fucking faith

With slashing razors, we aim to strike vengeance
Across the plagued wasteland of weakened spirits

On mounted steeds we march forth - hail!
With fearsome blood craving hunger
For pure and cherished blood enslave finest glory
To see them fall and burn pleading fuckn mercy

Skulls are branded by the wielding of irons
And the flesh is slayed by the thunderous sword
Bounded in chains are the remains of a thousand rabid whores

We reap with carnage and lust
Through their villages and destroy their false hope
Blood is smeared in their faces
As a symbol that we are the gods from hell
Cast them to the grave and let them burn in deaths turbulent fire!

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