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Possessed Terror

Cemetery Urn

Streams of blood spray from the skies
Convulsing as you feel the need for wrath
Doom awaits gasping for your last breath
The darkened crypts open moaning shrieks of death

Cursed by a possession of terror
We enter the depraved domain
Gaining the power for obsession
The anxious rage controls our minds

A strickening sound blow to the skulls of victims bleed tremendously
Howling screams of anguish heard amongst the tortured breed
Bludgeoned bodies are ravaged by the filthy hounds of hades
Ripping their skin exposing the flesh laid bounded for decay

Wrath is fire that brings the spell of death
The grotesque beings are devouring the living
Hellish fiends are relinquishing the corpses of their lood
And the tormented soulless bodies are left for rot!

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