Loving you baby
When you're holding me, baby
I feel so real
When you're kissing me, baby
Oh, it feels so real
Oh, oh baby
I, all my life I been searching for love
Mourning for love, giving everything I know
Oh, oh oh baby

When you touch me, baby
My heart skips a beat
Loving you baby
Has meant everything to me
Oh, baby oh baby

Everything to me
Every night when I look into your face
I know baby, I know it's you
That makes my life complete
Wanting you, baby

Oh I can't get enough of you baby
Can't get enough of you
Uhh, I was crying when I felt your love
This time I know it's real baby
No more bad dreams baby
No more afraid to open the door and let you in
Lovin you baby
Needing you baby
But I feel so real

When you're holding me baby
When you're needing me baby
Every night when I look into your face
I know its you that make my life complete
Oh baby baby, baby

Oh, I'm gonna love you baby
No matter what it takes
It's you and me all the way
Oh baby, for the rest of my life

I realy mean it baby
For the rest of my life
No body but you and me
Oh baby

I, I love you baby
There's no one above you
You know, when you love someone so deeply
When you feel it in your heart
It takes a long time coming
Some time I feel that it want to go on
But baby when I met you
I know it was good one

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