Nobody, nobody but you, baby
No, nobody, nobody but you, baby

When I was down and out
I need some company
When I didn't know who to turn to
I was all alone
I need some kind of love
To help me see things through
Baby, I'm lost in your love
You know what I mean, lost in your love
Make me see, who you are

Baby, nobody but you
Nobody but you, baby, nobody

I know times are hard
And I know what you're going through
But baby, hold on, hold on to my love
I will take you through
Nobody! Nobody!
Make me see, baby, who you are

Baby, nobody but you, baby
I don't want to be lonely
I don't want to be lonely, baby
All I need is your love, my love
Together we can love all night long
Nobody! Nobody but you baby no, nobody but you
Love me baby, me baby

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Written by: Charles Bradley / David Guy / Homer Steinweiss / Leon Michels / Nicholas Movshon / Thomas Brenneck. Isn't this right? Let us know.