Ain't Had Time To Go Home

Chris LeDoux

Well a bronc bucked me off up in Cheyenne Wyoming I broke me a couple of bones
My wife up an left me it must be an omen my destiny's being alone
I've been thinkin' of mama out a workin' the yard so I gave her a call on the phone
But I told her I've just been workin' so hard I just ain't had time to go home
Well I've seen Atlanta and I've seen LA and I've rode neath the big Astro Dome
And old Calgary seen a whole lot of me but I just ain't had time to go home

All daddy left was the watch that he carried the pocketknife he used to use
But a pawnshop in Vegas and the woman I married left me with nothin to lose
But I keep on a dreamin' bout a Cadillac car parked by my two story home
And in my dreams I'm a big rodeo star and mama knows I'm commin' home
Well I've seen Atlanta...

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