(I Don't Want To Be A) Country Star

Chris LeDoux

She opened up the letter from Nashville Tennessee
He said hon they like my music the songs I wrote for you and me
The boys and me just cut a record and it could hit the charts before too long
So it's gonna be a while till I can come back home
Yes I'm gonna be a country star and everyone will know my name
Oh you know I love those bright lights when I step on stage to sing
I'll be travlin' round the country with a big bus and a band
So just keep the homefires burnin' while I'm gone
And I'll get home when I can

She said hon I hear your record oh they play it everyday
And everybody really likes it so I guess your on your way
But darling please remember we all need you here at home
And the kids all miss their daddy so don't be gone too long
Yes I know that your a country star and everybody knows your name
And I know you love those bright lights when you step on stage to sing
Just remember we all love you and don't get blinded by the light
We'll just keep the homefires burnin' while you're gone
You know we pray for you each night

After six long months of goin' I guess the road just finally took its toll
Cause his songs has lost all meaning and he felt so all alone
Then one night in Jackson he went out on stage to play
And the crowd stared at disbelief at the words he had to say
I don't want to be a country star it ain't the way I thought it'd be
Well it took me such a long time to know that it ain't the life for me
Cause the days can get so lonely and the nights can get so long
Lord I think it's about time this country star went home
Yes I think that it's about time this country boy went home

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