I was snappin out broncs at the Old Flyin' U
At fourty a month a plum good buckaroo
Well the boss came around and he says
Hey my lad well you look pretty good ridin' horses that's bad
You see, I in't got no more outlaws to break
But I'll buy you a ticket and give you a stake
At ridin' them bad ones well you ain't slow
And you might do some good at the big rodeo

While they're puttin' the bull in the chute
I'm strappin' my spurs to the heels of my boots
I looks that bull over and to my suprise
Well he's a foot and a half in between his two eyes
On top of his shoulders he's got a big hump
I lands in his middle and I lets out a scream
He comes out with a beller and the rest is a dream

Well he jumps to the left and jumps towards the right
But I ain't no green horn I'm still sittin' tight
The dust starts to foggin' right out of his skin
He's a wavin' them horns right under my chin
At sunnin' his belly he couldn't be beat
He's showin' the buzzards the soles of his feet
He's a dippin' so low that my boots filled with dirt
He's a makin' a whip of the tail of my shirt

He's snappin' the buttons right off of my clothes
He's a buckin' and a bawlin' and a blowin' his nose
The crowd starts to cheerin' both me and that bull
Well he needed no help but I had my hands full
Then he went to fence rowin' and a weavin behind
My head went poppin' I sorta went blind
He starts in high divin' I lets out a groan
We went up together but he came back alone

Up high I turns over and below I can see
He's a pawin' up dirt just a waitin' for me
I can picture a grave and a big slab of wood
Sayin' here lies a twister who thought he was good
I notices somethin' don't seem can be true
But the brand on his hip was a big Flyin' U
When I landed he charged but I got enough sense
So I ran that old bull to the hole in the fence

I dives through that hole and I want you to know
I ain't goin' back to no big rodeo
At a straddlin' them brahmas you can bet I'm all through
So I'm sore footin' it back to the old Flyin' U

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