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No Money Down

Chuck Berry

As I was motorvatin' back in town
I saw a Cadillac sign, said 'no money down'
Eased on my brakes, I pulled in the drive
Gunned my motor twice, then I walked inside
Dealer came to me, said trade in your Ford
I'll put you in a car that'll eat up the road
Tell me what you want, just sign that line
I'm gonna have it brought down to you
In a hour's time

Now I'm gonna buy a car
I'm gonna be headin' on down that road
'No money down'
I won't have to worry baby
About my broken and ragged Ford

Yes, I want a yellow convertible, two door DeVille
With a continental spare, white chrome wheels
I want power steering, Lord, I want power brakes
I want a powerfull motor with a jet off-take
Air conditioned, automatic heat
A full Murphey bed in my back seat
Short wave radio, TV and a phone
I gotta talk with my baby when I'm ridin' alone


I want four carburetors, two straight exhausts
Burnin' aviation fuel, no matter what it costs
Railroad airhorns, I want a military spot
I want a five year guarantee on everything I got
Ten dollar deductibles, twenty dolar notes
Thirty dollar liability, that's all she wrote


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