Desolate man, parted from the world
"Nobody sees me, and I'm not even a nobody..."
But in his mind, in his thoughts, he is sure
That this is not how he is meant to be
He wanders the streets, with a near empty bottle of wine in his hand
He is cold from the rain and wind
The last red sip keeps he warm
"I am on my own, with no direction of home...
A complete unknown..."
That very night he had an eerie dream,
That would tell that things is not what it seems

Death has reared himself a throne
In a strange city lying alone
Far down within the dim West
Where are the good (and the bad)? And the worst (and the best)?
Had they gone to their eternal rest?

He awakes in awe, as a man stands in front of him
The man explains of why and when
The new order of ages will rise again

Ultimate sacrifice demands great pain
No longer all alone, yet gone from the real world

"Mere puppets are they! As they will obey us, they know, the 6, the invincible woe!
We consist of the most influential souls in this world, soon our order starts its dwell
To infiltrate into life, and let mankind through Hell!"

Liberate tu te me ex inferis, liberate

Behind the curtains laid an all too dark secret
The highly evolved, ascended masters controlled the destiny of mortal man
Advanced technology ploughed their path
Intelligent entities who only knew wrath
A staib in the back, a Judas kiss

Marching unnoticed into land and nation
Without a moment's hesitation
A shattering assault was drawing nearer
Yet the final result was not here
One last dance all too unethical and wild
"Shed the blood of an innocent child"
For him this would be too big and a burden
He resists, and refuse
In denial, he awakes...

Wait, something isn't right
A familiar face appears
In the distance, a white padden room
And needles in his flesh
"This can't be? where have I been? I'm not alone!"
"You've been here all along
Glad you've come around, glad you've come around!
Thought we had lost you there for a moment
Welcome back!"

Ultimate sacrifice demands great pain
No longer all alone yet gone from the real world
Something wasn't right, nothing we could do
"Still I'm gone from the real world"

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Written by: Circus Maximus. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Sent by Gabriel. Revised by 3 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.