Run away
Far away
From the past that's chasing you
Run away
Win the race
Let your will carry you home
And then you tumble along the way
It catches you up like you were prey
It shakes you up and make you regret

I used to love you. I used to care
You loved me and trusted me, but I betrayed you
You were just standing there with tears in your eyes
I should have felt something, but I was just empty inside

I know I should have helped you out of this puddle of mud
Instead of pushing your head in face first

You've, you've reached the borderline
You've, you've reached the borderline

It's getting closer
You can feel the heat
It's getting nearer
There's no defeat
Dig a hole and hide
To the soil you may confide
Until it collapses and buries you alive
I guess you were unaware of it all

Ignorance blinded your actions
Where do you go when you've gone too far?
An act of chivalry


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