It all came down the other day
I was waiting for the call
Hoping they would say
"Everything is gonna be all right"
And you would come home tonight
I've been having bad dreams since the
Day the "news" arrived
Been living in hope and facing the fear
Of losing you and have my life deprived

I can see the pain in your eyes
And the hell your going through
And if I could I would sacrifice
And give my life for you
No here we are at the end of our road
It's time to say our goodbyes
Last breath of life, with a silent cry

I remember the walks we had
The nights we never slept
I remember the time when you
turned and said to me

I will always love you
I will never let you go
In my heart that's where you follow
Now it's time for you to know
There were times my heart was aching
There were times I thought I'd make it
On my own... This is my last goodbye

I see the cloudless skies
Inside my soul it cries

Some say it's like autumn breeze
Some say it's just a game we play
I believe it will go away
But until that day
I would be here in my own misery

When you went away that day
The world came down on me
We've been best of friends forever
And now it is time to let you go
Your spirit carries on as my
Life continues on alone

I see the cloudless skies
Inside my soul it cries
The scent makes me remember you

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Written by: Lasse Finbråten / Mats Haugen / Michael Eriksen. Isn't this right? Let us know.