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Dance Across The Centuries

Johnny Clegg

It's a world of "hang on to what you've got"
It's a world of "do or die"
I know you never take it serious
And you keep your head up high
I know you'd like to speak to the manager
Oh baby, so would I
I never made this crazy world anyway
I never made this one way ride

For some life offers nothing more
Than a struggle or a war
A magnum hidden in your drawer
You walk away... you want to
Dance across the centuries
Dance across the sea of time
Dance a living memory oh
Dance you want to let your spirit shine

Every dog wants to be a fat cat
Every mouse to be a dog
It's not easy, I can tell you
Trying to see through the fog
Funny how some of us live it up
While others just survive
I know you do what you can
But all you ever do is time


Yaguka lenkunzi emnyama
(The black bull has grown old)
Kade ihlaba ithetha amalala
(Long and well it has fought and argued)
Yaguka lenkunzi emnyama
(The black bull has grown old)
Guka 'sithembe kade wawudlelwa
(My gating mat grows old, well has it served me)
(All things must pass and change)

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