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Emypyrean Falls

Closed Casket


Where seraphim spit blood and bile upon the earth,
Will grow defiled, a seed of unspeakable inquity.
A conduit of flesh and fluid, masked malevolent soaked in vomit
Harbinger of bereavement, come to thee.

Eclipse the earth (Eclipse the earth)
in the folds of dusk. (All hope lost.)

A schism born of pestilence, on soil spread human intestines
To draw back the veil of revelations
Four hallowed trails leave abolition of a plague of human infection
An ancient song of wonder and negation

Eclipse the earth (Eclipse the earth)
in the folds of dusk. (Tear down the skies.)

Empyrean Falls / All hope is lost.
A tyrant reborn on a burning throne.

Imprisoned in the ribs of angels, tearing forth the hands of Satan
Demonic armies walk the earth
Each man succumbs and turns to evil, torn apart and drowned in bile
Enthroned; the Lord of Armaggedon

Seek not solace; for enlightenment is beyond our grasp
An end to salvation under demonic reign.
Seek not solace; for we are damned.

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