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The Serpents Nest

Closed Casket

Silver and white, a shroud to blind the weak.
A serpent sworn to shepard his forever trusting sheep.
He bought their trust with promises of grace; purest silk of words woven around hypocrisy.
A serpent coiled at the feet of God.
And by his guidance, they were led into the gates of salvation yet they were led astray and left for dead.
His corruption veiled his heart, his love, his unborn seed, and left him calloused as though caressed by lepers hands.
For slowly, he built a tomb of greed and to slake his lust he'd sacrifice all he had.
Dead; his love, his unborn sons.
A noose of flesh around a newborn neck, a timeworn prophecy fulfilled in a serpents nest.
In this forsaken place, there can be no rest, There can be no sleep.
Twin hearts, but one will not beat.
There will be no sleep.
And so the whispers spread as though the wind could speak.
A vessel of the stars, A reliquary. A silence fell upon the town, but all thought was buried at the feet of the trees.
In this forsaken place, there can be no rest, there can be no sleep.
At waking whispers of this revelation, There will be no sleep.

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