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Did You Really Love Me

Coco Lee

Did, did you ever love me?
Did, did you really love me?
Did, did you ever love me, really love me?

My everything you were my world
With you I'll do 'most anything
Just to make you happy, baby
I gave my heart, I gave my time
My faith in you had me so blind
Never saw the heart break coming

Did you ever really love me
You played with my feelings
Really should have let me go.
Did you ever really loved me
You kept me in the darkness
Now I am the last to know.


Although she claimed to be my friend
Her mind was on another thing.
It can't be like so deepless.
She knew I was in love with you
Couldn't understand how she could do
What she did was smile sweetly.
It was bad enough to be deceived by you
But also by a friend
whose friendship I thought was true.


How could life be so cruel
What you did was so uncool, baby
Why you brought me so much pain?
You will play me like a game

Chorus (2x)

Bridge Until End

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