You Can't Count On Me

Counting Crows

Hard to change
But hey
I got you down
On your knees again
You watch the sky
It's a pale parade
Of passing clouds
That cover
The bed upon
Which we laid
In the dark
And the memories
That I made
Of a laughing girl
But you're just my toy
And I can't stop
Playing with you, baby

If you think
You need to go
If you wanted
To be free
There's one thing
You need to know
And that's that
You can't count on me

Coming along real good
But I still
Can't do most
Of the things I should
I watch the sky
Coming down to bury me
And I can't stop
This crawling
Out of my skin
I know that you see
Yourself flying in
Out of the sky
Coming down
To carry me
I won't come out



I watched all
Of the same parades
As they passed on the days
That you wish you'd stayed
All this pain gets me high
And I get off
And you know why


(Chorus 2x)

Aw, you can't count on me
No, you can't count on me

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Written by: Patrick Winningham / Dan Vickrey / Jeff Trott. Isn't this right? Let us know.