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Final Man


Broken buildings watching over flooded streets where nothingmoves
Shelters for the vultures hardly keeping daylight out
Marble stained with rust faded paintings on the walls
Beaten towers crumble haunted only by the wind

I will live forever no angels left to hold me
I will be the final man

Picking up the given challenge of the fallen gargoyle angels
Headed on collision course with martyrs tied as fenders
Driving like a mad dog going faster than a bullet
Pulled by gravitation from a million tonnes of stone

Human insects lived here crawling through the underground
Beehive built in stainless a cathedral for the slaves
Spineless cowards guided by ideals they couldn't grasp
Giving up their freedom in the hope of being chosen

In the twilight grows the shadows hollow hand that tries to catchme
Omens can not stop me because all the prophets died
Like the ancient temples their monument survived them
Speeding through the ruins I left the bridges burning

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Written by: Eskil Simonsson / Joakim Montelius. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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