All along 66, wait the truck cafe's
Ed's diner, Jodie's place all turn out the same
Signs saying "food and gas" gauge is on "E"
Do you think the place is clean
Let's stop and see

Board-and-Bat-shacks, pies and lunch packs
Long bar, stools and foot-rail
Near the door the juke box roars
And country-western wails

Soon you find waitress Mae, she's middle-aged
Hair in curls and too much rouge
On her sweating face
In the back dressed in white cooks cap and all
Al makes a moody face straight at the wall

Mae's the contact smiling irritated
Near to outbreak
Smiling while her eyes look past
Unhappy and her head aches

Now we wait no one knows
What mood Al's in
If it's good, so's the food
Let's hope we win

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