Down on the farm, down on the farm
Down on the farm
Up the gravel road from the dirty
City, down on the farm

You can pluck a chicken, slop a hog
Feed a dog on the farm
Look at me no place I'd rather be
Pickin' at the corn choppin' wood
Feels good on the farm
From 5-8 don't stay up late
Down on the farm

Won't you please me
Drop in and see me
Drive by some day

Once you see it you won't believe it
Never wanna leave it
Down on the farm

You can gather eggs, pet a cat
Catch a rat on the farm
Climb a tree its all right by me
Jumpin' in the pond swimmin'
With the swans down on the farm

Out in the country far from the city
When you're real down come out
And feel pretty
Don't waste your time cause its
Passin' away as a matter of fact
Why don't you come out today
Down by the farm

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