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Do They Owe Us A Living?


Fuck the politically minded
here's something i want to say
about the state of the nation
the way it treats us today
at school they give you shit
drop you in the pit
you try and try and try to get out
but you can't because they've fucked you about
then you're a prime example
of how they must not be
this is just a sample
of what they've done to you and me

do they owe us a living? course they do, course they do
owe us a living? course they do, course they do
owe us a living? course they fucking do!

they don't want me anymore
cos i threw it on the floor
used to call me sweet thing
but i'm nobody's plaything
now that i am different
you'd love to bust my head
you'd love to see me cop-out
love to see me dead


the living that is owed to me
i'm never going to get
buggered this old world up
up to their necks in debt
they'll give you a lobotomy
for something you ain't done
they'll made you an epitome
of everything that's wrong


don't take any notice
what the public think
they're so hyped up with t.v.
just don't want to think
use you as a target
for demands and advice
when you don't want to hear it
say you're full of vice


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