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Best Friend


No matter where you are
I'll always be your friend
Until my very death
I love you with my heart

And if this has to end
Ill have to understand
I know I’ve been quite dumb
But girl we’re both quite young

First things first, I’m sorry
Ill take the blame it’s on me
You were my lil shortie
And I am one big dummy
Will you forgive me
For being real stupid
Will you give me
A chance to just redo it
I’m addicted to your love
But my brain been goin nuts

Do you know
(Do you know)
How it feels
(How it feels)
To be a fiend
(To be a fiend)
For someone
(For someone)
That you love?
(That you love?)
But to be
(But to be)
Such a clutz
(Such a clutz)
What the fuck?
(What the fuck?)

Why you're with me still beats me
But I’m thankful that you still see me
My brain is killing me and it eats me
I don’t deserve you

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