So in love
So in love, you do so many things with a smiling face.
So in love, everytime we kiss, it's such a pleasant taste.
That's why i know this feelings good strong, trial & error we seem to get along.
I wana testify it means so much to me.
Let me rectify i mean it honestly (eew)
Life is crazy, believe me, it is true (eew)
We don't always mean, the things we sometimes do.
I could be, you know it's true, you know we're so in love.
Lay me down, rest awhile, you're moving my emotions.
So in love, you don't have to worry, you have my devotion.
This love affair is bigger than we two,
Loose our faith, and it will swallow you.
Lovin you, is whay i'll always feel. never ever doing things against our will(eew)
Natural things, never require any kind of te-est, being you and i being me, you don't worry about the rest
(in my heart i wana stress), you got me so in love [instrumental break]
So in love,i tried to do the best that a man can do.
So in love, the key to our success,
Is see each other through.
So in love, so in love
Lay dowm rest awhile your oving my emotions.
So in love

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