Smell like something burning
Burning to the ground
Got to see if they around
And take out the siren
Through the timing wasn't good
Lonely chimneys stood

Know what way the wind blows was the word that passed around
Hell had come to this small town
And when I awoke to find that smoke had filled the air
I knew that you were there

'Cause I would see you walking
Passed my window time to time
The smell of something burning
Never was too far behind
And I would float around you
Like a moth floats round a flame
And every time I was without you
I'd be calling out your name
Crying Jane
Sweet summer rain

In out of the cold and while the old man is asleep
To your bedroom door ill creep
And I won't make a sound for if the old man should awake
My life I'm sure he'll take

Someday you'll fly away you said to me in bed when we'd embrace
Smell just like a fire place
You said the time had come to leave and not return
Tonight this house will burn

If you walk me through these hallways I will always be your queen
come to my cursive kitchen with a can of kerosene
Leave this house and leave that old man burning in our wake
Leave my demons dying in the bonfire that we make
That we make

'Cause I have burned and I have blistered
I have turned and I have twisted
In the fires that existed but burns no more

They search the ash and embers for the things you left behind
Evidence they could not find
You left me lonely but I know that you'll return
My time comes to burn

So I'm going to stick to leaving
'Cause I haven't got much time
Smell of something burning
Never was too far behind
And while it crumbles down around me
While my world goes up in flames
I now beg the lord for mercy
I'll be calling out your name
Crying Jane, Jane, Jane, Jane
In the sweet summer rain

And though I'm drunk and still I drink
And though I'm sunk and still I sink
And I don't care what you folks think
And I will burn no more

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