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The World Is Stone

Cyndi Lauper

Stone, the world is stone
It's no trick of the light
It's hard on the soul

Stone, the world is stone
Cold to the touch
And hard on the soul
In the grey of the streets
In the neon unknown
I look for a sign
That I'm not on my own
That I'm not here alone

As the still of the night
And the choke of the air
And the winners delight
And the losers despair
Closes in left and right
I would love not to care

Stone, the world is stone
From the far away look
Without stars in my eyes
Throught the halls of the rich
And the flats of the poor
Wherever I go
Theres no warmth anymore
Theres no love anymore

(There's no love anymore)

So I turn on my heels
I'm declining the fall
I've had all I can take
With my back to the wall
Tell the world I'm not in
I'm not taking the call

Stone, the world is stone
But I saw it once
With the stars in my eyes
When each colour rang out
In a thunderous chrome
It's no trick of the light
I can't find my way home

In a world of stone (stone)
In a world of stone
I can't find, I can't find
I can't find my way home! (stone)
The word is stone
I get me, get me, get me
Get me my way home
(In a world, in a world, in a world of stone)

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Written by: Luc Plamondon / Michel Berger / Tim Rice. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Subtitled by Kaike. Revised by 4 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.


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