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Foto del artista Cypress Hill

It Ain't Nothin'

Cypress Hill

[Intro: Newsreader]
In 1991... an artist in Compton picked up Cypress Hill's debute album.
What he heard... blew him away.
A futuristic funk... mixed with the die-hard dedication... to a certain earth.
This... is the story of Cypress Hill! [echoes]

[10 seconds instrumental]

[Verse 1: B-Real]
I used to carry a Glock - on the waist line, man I don't waste time
I'm strong on the bass line, you'll never taste mine!
See me on the screen, fuckers beggin' for face time
Get your own tape; but don't bother to chase mine!
I got a block! Man we havin' a great time
You couldn't fill the shoes, anytime that I lace mine,
Light up the stage for the homies we make shine
Sick the dogs on you, get more by the K-9!
Homies on the yard never walk in the main line
The manes find that they can never be in the game; I'm
Lettin' off rounds, hittin' blunts at the same time
Pick a crew homie, you a neon to save time!
Bitches like you always spittin' the same rhymes!
We put you all to shame, you never went through the same grind!
Put you in the bind the minute you came by
So stay in your lane and get wet by the rain!

[Chorus: B-Real]
You wanna step up; get your ass touched!
You wanna rap son; get your ass buff!
Try to test us, you's gon' get smashed up!
You wanna run with' the dogs? - Get your cash up!

[Bridge: Young De]
Get it? - You gotta get your straps - up!
Get it? - You gotta get your sta-tion!
Get it? - You gotta get amp-ed up!
You wanna run with the dogs? - Get your cash up!

[Verse 2: Sen Dog]
I'm right here on the block! - When it's time to ride out,
You know what I'm all about - runnin' Harley bikes on site, when it goes down!
Me and my homies always holdin' the fort - down
Come up in our town and your pissin' a 4th pound!
Got 4 ounces and 3 bottle's of Jack
2 fifth's in the back and everyone I'm with's strapped!
What ever happens; I'm chin checkin' and wreckin' fools
Try disrespecting; my Smith & Wesson is endin' you!
And I ain't changed since back in the day (back in the day!)
Get your shit split quick if you get in my face! (get in my face!)
You wanna run with' the dog; better stay in your place! (stay in your playce!)
Cause your little ass name don't hold no weight! (hold no weight!)
And your little ass safe couldn't hold my cake! (hold my cake!)
Get your asks denied down the road I take! (road I take!)
And let me tell you one more thing befo' I skate! (befo' I skate!)
If you a fake or a snake, I'm a send you to your grave!



[Interlude: B-Real]
Act up, act up Act... [scratches]
Act up, act up! Act... [scratches]
Act up, act up! Act... [scratches]
Act up and you bound to get hurt!

[Verse 3:]
[Sen Dog:]
I'm a First Staff OG from outta the gutter (gutter!)
With a fucked up demeanor for you punk mothafuckas!
Get played like some dicks who try to start ruckas
I'm a real gun busta, so don't ever try to rush us!
Can't nobody touch us! That don't leave on crutches
Or worse! - Get a ride in a hurse with their bodies covered!
It's gon' be a cold summer! - Soon as the Hill drops
A couple scums in the street, so we don't care what you bustas think
Might sink in sometime, but I won't blink!
We go against everything! - Smoke all the green!
Got the low wrong, swing it ain't nothing to me!
We put it down anywhere, like it's something to see
So all you bitches goin rogue with your haters degree!
And when you wanna get loud son I'm ready to work!
Punks act up and you bound to get hurt!