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Pistol Pistol


[Bizarre]Yeah, welcome to Amityville
[Swifty]Detroit Nigga
[Bizarre]The reason why rappers gotta pack Pistols
[Swifty]Why is that?


[Chorus: Eminem]
(Can't go nowhere without my gun)
Slick criminal with this shit I spit use
(I walk the streets I got my gun)
Like a bullet came back that just missed then hit you
(I'm goin to sleep I got my gun)
I say the type of shit parents slit they wrist to
(Can't go nowhere without my gun)
ed to hand em the amp you they miss the shit to
(Can't go nowhere without my gun)
To many enemies on my list to sit through
(I walk the streets I got my gun)
Nobody got my back in this bitch but this dood
(I'm goin to sleep I got my gun)
Sorry officer I don't care how pissed I get you
(Don't go nowhere without my gun
But I don't goin around without my pistol pistol

Nigga we violently active
So fuck with us
See I'm backwards
I slap niggaz and punch bitches
Just for askin
They must have been wanting to meet the lord
When my parents talked to me they got mean mugged and ignored
They was snoopin trough my closet
Seein drugs on the floor
Shells from the forty four scattered over they porch
Bussin pistols in your windows with intentions to destroy you
Tryin to break your neck to conversate
Bitch, I l do it for you
Catch me laughin at your funeral when they lower you
You and your hoe
You got's to go
Bitches died slow and horrible
There's no tomorrow fo any nigga
We'll shower you
We young strapped and powerful
And I ain't gotta lie to you

Stepped in the door wavin the fo fo
Blazin at popo
escapin and lay low
they call my tongue yayo
But I spit fire
I lit five inside a fuckin dickryder
The clip slider
Love to blast the mag
You a fag
You love bein ass to ass
Grab a gun by the nose with the but the gat spank ya
Never say that I'm a gangsta (Now that's gangsta)
Y'all niggaz sound like Jigga but act like Pac
Yo my trigga got the flu and this gat might cough
It ain't nuttin to tell
Empty shells for the witness
I'm the hot nigga that's gonna put hell out of business
It won't be the same since we touchin the game
Make the hardest nigga in your crew
Tuck in this chain
Y'all think this shit's a game and I bluffin for fame
I squeeze of this tech until nothing remains


he only time that I'm at peace is when I'm close to one
Cuz I don't know what's waitin for me when my vocals are done
Toke the gun
It's my way of life and it works
These cowardly niggaz'll put your fuckin life in the dirt
Cause it was wrong how they left my dawg he was priceless
Alone in the streets bleedin starin layin lifeless
That's why I'm heated
You never know who start creepin
Wakin you up with AK's while you lie sleepin
I'd rather pack the heat and not need it
Rather then need one and not have it
I married this glockmatic

Nowhere without my gun

[Kon Artist]
You know the sound when I'm spinnin rounds
Spittin these rounds from fo pounds
While the whole crowd is screamin this loud from they mouth
Is they possibly alive
*Shooting and screaming*
Nothing is parrallel to makin you carousel aerial somersault
Like fast wheels who will perish shells
Denaun carry the nine where I go
Bullets whistling hit you while I'm shootin at five-o's
So semi-auto...matic with statics to motto's
swingin like Columbine kids from Colorado


This nine'll turn a softy to a hard rock
It'll make Jehovah witnesses think b4 they knock (Sorry sorry)
It'll make your grandmother come out of her purse
It'll make Limp Bizkit get rid of Fred Durst
It'll make Holyfield start fighting
It'll make Ma$e say fuck church and then go back to writin
It'll make Shyne say that he sounds like Biggie Smalls
It'll make R. Kelly give respect to Erron Hall
It'll make Christopher Reeves start walkin
It'll make a dog with no voice suddenly start barkin
It'll make a nut turn into a filthy slut
It'll make the hardest pitbull turn into a fuckin mutt
It'll make a Muslim dye his hair blonde
It'll make a redneck start to read the holy Coram
It'll make Ike stop beatin Tina
It'll make Slim Shady fall back in love with Christina


[Eminem]Pistol Pistol
[Swifty]Nigga, you better have aim
[Eminem]I ain't goin nowhere without my Pistol Pistol
[Swifty]Cuz if you don't you finished
[Swifty]Flat out
[Eminem]I'm sorry
[Eminem]Fuck it
[Bizarre]The fuck we stayin
[Swifty]Fuck around and get popped
[Swifty]With no hesitation
[Swifty]Straight up
[Bizarre]Look where the fuck we stay at
[Bizarre]Nigga what where the fuck we stay at
[Bizarre]Fuck around with us
[Bizarre]You get us popped
[Bizarre]You fuckin get us popped


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Compuesta por: Denaun Porter / Marshall Mathers / R. Arthur Johnson. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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