This is a, So So Def, world premier
A world, premier
So So Def, world premier

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

Damn it feels good to see people up on it
I was sittin in my cell, worried for a moment
Ain't nuttin inspire me to write one rhyme
When the pen and pad was callin, I declined
I ain't give two shits about a passion I had
Wish I had a semi-auto, spray All they ass
I couldn't eat, sleep, shit in peace
Depression had me second-guessin myself in the belly of the beast
They wasn't tryin to put a bitch on before I was gone
So how the Fuckam I gon' ever make it when I get home?
I was cookin ramen noodles with no heat, and warm water
Fightin the gnats and flies off with no swatter
I got bit by spiders got sick
Got shipped to the hospital accompanied by a dick
No lie, Lord why I gotta go through this?
From a Sealy Posturpedic, to a two inch thick
No cleaners, no washing machine to do clothes
I stole, bleach with a mop bucket and blues so
granny panties, all I was allowed to wear
Victoria WAS a Secret, shit, she wasn't there
I couldn't pull that off, cause I had to squat and cough
Get butt naked, pull the cheeks open so they could check it
I was subjected to not havin pretty panties and bras
None of my different J's from Reggie to Jay Walk
Most of the C.O.'s already pre-judged
The crooked officers made it a point not to show me love
and heat up, my spot by harassin me
Told me to turn around and cuff up, and grabbin me
A young dumb lil' frail nigga, tryin to be tough, a clown
A fool for the system, but he a victim now
Karma a bitch nigga, and he was too
Bid'ness wasn't mine though, see how God do heh?
I kept my composure; all I had to do was holla
"GET HIM" on the yard, and it woulda been over
But I done learned a lot, earned a lot
I been solidified my spot, from the bottom to the bottom
to the top to the top, and I don't give a fuck
about the clock cause it don't stop, won't stop
In a recent article with Jamie Foster Brown
She asked, what I was thankin before the shit went down
And I ain't know what to tell her, but my adrenaline was hinderin
any positive image there could've been
helpful in preventin this incident
I don't know where my setence went
I blacked out ...
Did the crime did the time now I'm wonderin 'bout
dis light of mine, will it shine or is it burned out?
Told J.D. I was nervous, he said that's eagerness
Serve your purpose, I'm 'bout to send you these verses

[repeat 2X]
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray to the Lord, for a second chance he grants me
See most don't get one, but I did, sheeit
I promise to do things much differently

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