I left old Kentucky in a blindin' fog
Headed for the southland
haulin' cedar logs
Along around Celina
I saw the sky turn blue
Headed for the southland
with a six men crew

Cumberland River carry me
on down the line to sunny Tennessee
Shirley Mae's awaitin' lonely as can be
Cumberland River let me feel that southern breeze

Two days on the river
the weather it got rough
Headed for the southbank
we hit a big rock bluff
Workin' like the devil
to turn this boat around
Two miles south of Carthage
We made it safe and sound

Two more days of travel
and then I'll draw my pay
Headed for the southland
to see my Shirley Mae
A part a can of sorghum
and a sack of flour
Fifteen dollars waitin'
seven cents an hour

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