Photo of the artist Dailey and Vincent

When I Reach That Home Up There

Dailey and Vincent

When the lord calls me home
And time shall be no more
I will fly with his angels to that far & distant shore
There i’ll stand before the gates
Waiting for my dear lord
Blessed be the savior
I’m home for ever more.

And there’ll be shouting--hallaluyah i am home
There with my dear savior
Never more to roam
And i’ll sit with my father, mother, sister & my brother
When i reach when i reach
My home up there my home up there.

There’ll i’ll walk the streets of gold
Shake the hands with friends of old
While i sing along with angels
Praises to my dear lord
Let the bells of heaven ring
Hallaluyah i am free
Thank you oh savior
I’ll live eternally

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