Hmm.... ooohhh, yeah
Yeah, oooh oooh,

Looking through my window pane
I know my heart is fallen with the rain
And the only thing that keeps me sane
Is the thought of you, babe

And i know it takes time
So i'm gonna just try
Not to think about why you're not here, yeah
On this rainy day, when i need you the most
When i need you the most, need you the most, yeah,
To feel that you're still close, like on those rainy days i used to stay here with you, oh,

Why stand out in the rain, when we can try again?
Oh, i never understood why we had to end. oh no,
Oooh, it just isn't fair. so now that i'm lonely,
With no one to console me
Time goes so slow, but life moves on,
I said, "make up distractions"
But still i'm dying to ask ya about all the things i don't understand, like i know i look fine on the outside, but can't you feel that i'm crying behind closed doors, sitting in my room, waiting for you on this rainy day.

'cause i'm drowning in the loss, yeah yeah yeah, i'm drowning in the loss of you
No matter what it costs, no no no, i, i, just wanna follow, follow you, until my rainy days are gone, oh,

I just never understood why we had to end, oh oh oh yeah yeah
So where are you now? are sitting all alone or feeling down? 'cause since you left me that's all i am, all i do, all i see, can you really say you don't miss me?
Cause i miss you on these rainy days, the ones i used to spend with you, spend with you, spend with you, you, you, spend with you,

The ones i used to spend, wish i could do it all again,
I wanna be there in your arms, don't you know you're the only one for me.

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