Crepuscular conventicle
In the adytum
Crapulous aischolatreia
Cryptozoic scatoscopy

The sempect yaws on the situla
Elumbated, his munctory drozing
In mid-cacation, etruding dejecture
Immerds a monial in humicubation

Thus anealed, the ancress mows
Optophobic in sialoquent fie
Spatilomantic dysphagic glutition
The rantized anile, to a fault she must dree

She absquatulates
Her quotha embrangled eft her estrapade
His dasypygum limned a vernicle
In melaena on the corporal

Infandous kenosis
Conspurcated by hypertrichosis
Acersecomic deracination
Amurcous is the chiliasm

The thurifer cachinnates
In abderian epicaricacy
Illachrymable by latrant kerygma
The kosmokrator's horrisonous lalochezia

He, a peotillomaniac
In hyperdulic ipsism pernoctating
Swith his edeum yexes
Erumpent his puissant gleet

The aspersory thus adimpleated
At morn madefies the anadipsic archimandrite
An alabandical agelast
Bibacious, adipescent in anorchous acratia

Aroint forsooth, antinomian anoia
Badauds, thole fatiferous curlicism
This holocryptic aenos confutes
Exenetrates sebastomania
I exsibilate
As you explaterate
Fulsome acescent parousiamania

Psilanthropism, hierofastidia
Necyomantical februation

Satan bled
Satan bled
Satan bled for all of you

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