You took one final look, my tears they turned to ice
A frozen sacrifice, your body's heat's my paradise
I've built up many layers, but none can keep me warm
Deceiving is believing in the calm before the storm
We complicate our lives with things to define
I threw it all away to see what was mine
Cleared out my insides, echoing hollow
I'll forever wallow, in your footsteps i follow
Warily, i search for solidarity
In our disparity, your love for me was charity
This is reality, for all that it's worth
If you're not perfect then i just don't belong on this earth

And just like a disease
All the faces i see remind me of you

'cause they seem just like you
Wanna reach out touch you
All i have is me, all i want is you
They seem just like you
Why can't i forget you
All i have in me is this memory
Fading alone

I'm an array of imperfections on display
My life has been on layaway since the day you went away
I've watched myself decay, the ripe is turning rotten
Feeling nostalgic now you're gone but not forgotten
I lack luster, what was new has turned to rust
I'm filled up with disgust, wish the world would turn to dust
It's hard to readjust 'cause now i find it strange
To trust in something that will constantly change
A long-range exchange, for years i 've sought you
The pain i've brought you, you've taught me what i've taught you
We can't escape ourselves or evenone another
I will never recover this is love like no other

I'm gonna rip, rip you out of me
I'm fuck, fuck you out of me

Never you
Never you
Never you
Never you
They could never be you
Never be you
Never be you
They could never be, they could never be you

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